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Toasted or Creamy Yolk Nougat 300 grams artisan, one of the most liked among all the bakery nougat

Along with the nougat from Pico and Alicante, it is one of the most sold and valued by our customers.

The difference with the conventional yolk nougat without roasting, is the layer of sugar that burns on top of the tablet, giving it a unique flavor. Its production process is very attractive, as you can see in the videos below.

Artisan Toasted Yolk Nougat (300g), in its Improved Supreme Quality version that has more almonds.

The history of Roasted Yema nougat comes from the large amount of egg yolk that was wasted in the manufacture of other types of nougats (which only use the white) .It is one of the best-selling and most liked nougats, especially in the Levante area

    • Código 1356 = peso NETO 150gr.
    • EAN 8412115013561
    • Unidades/Caja: 24
    • Código 356 = peso NETO 200gr.
    • EAN 8412115003562
    • Unidades/Caja: 24


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