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Sedative. Adjuvant of nervous problems of different origin.
Tilia Tomentosa Moench.
Box of 10 and 20 sachets

Linden is a plant that has properties that enhance general health. Next, we will briefly explain some of the main utilities thanks to its properties.

Helps you lose weight
Linden has proven diuretic and diaphoretic effects. In such a way that it contributes to weight loss. Its detox effect is evident in a greater production of urine, expelling fluids from the body.

On the other hand, it has p-coumaric acid which increases sweating, relieving fever and discharging toxins in the body.

Lowers blood pressure
Its relaxing properties help lower blood pressure. In addition, it is important to note that it has a great anti-inflammatory power, reducing inflammation of the blood vessels.

Lower anxiety levels
This is the best known benefit. It acts on the nervous system as a powerful painkiller, reduces stress and mood swings. This is because it relieves palpitations. In addition, it contributes to obtaining a better night’s rest.

Helps with digestion
It facilitates digestion, reducing the feeling of stomach heaviness. Additionally, it fights digestive problems and even gastric infection. At the same time, its contribution in fiber allows regulating intestinal transit.
Fight the common cold
During a cold, teas are excellent allies. However, in relation to linden it is not a simple hot infusion, its anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties allow to relieve a sore throat, as well as mucus by decongesting the nose.

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