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 Moisturizing the vaginal mucosa
They are vaginal gels and creams with moisturizing agents (aloe, hyaluronic acid), and regenerators (panthenol, gotu kola) that serve to reduce dryness and internal discomfort. They normally require an applicator and are formulated with bioadhesive excipients.

Moisturizing the vulvar mucosa
They are very useful creams and gels to relieve dryness and itching of the vulva. The main active agents they include are repairing, moisturizing, antipruritic and antiseptic. Normally the feeling of comfort they provide is usually quite fast.

Intimate wipes
They are infused with a cleaning solution with surfactants, humectants, soothing agents and conditioners. It does not require rinsing so they are very useful in those situations in which a gel cleaning cannot be done.

Lubricants and facilitators of sexual intercourse
They are gels that provide hydration and promote lubrication during sexual intercourse. Compatibility with prophylactics must be ensured. Water-based ones are preferable because they are less irritating and easier to remove.

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