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NIVEA Naturally Good Oat Body Lotion 350 mL.

Natural and fresh ingredients, a responsible and sustainable lifestyle and a lot of time spent in nature: nowadays we pay more and more attention to doing something good – for ourselves and for the environment. This is something that we should not neglect when it comes to our skin care. The NIVEA Naturally Good Natural Oat & Nourishment lotion contains 98% naturally-derived and 2% other ingredients to ensure safety and stability under the highest dermatological requirements. At the same time the caring formula provides the skin with deep moisture for up to 48 hours. To enjoy the fragrances and rich formula to the fullest, the NIVEA Naturally Good Body Lotions come in a revolutionary, sustainable and recyclable packaging. The bottles are made out of 50% less plastic than current NIVEA packaging, which makes the packaging lighter and softer. But even more than that, it allows the bottle to be squeezed an rolled up until the last drop, like a toothpaste tube.
98% naturally-derived ingredients & 2% additional ingredients for safety and stability.

NIVEA Naturally Good Oat Body Lotion 350 mL.

Product Nivea Naturally Good Oat Body Lotion 350 mL
Brand Nivea
Category Body Moisturisers
Weight 350 g


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